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Go watch Modern Diet, a fun new web pilot I made with Paul Bartunek and starring Jake Jabbour, Jess Lane, Ryan Rosenberg, Marissa Strickland and myself!

I take my shirt off in this.

This is my favorite freaky rap song right now

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This is a desert island song for me. I could listen to it one million times.

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Kroll Show Season Three started shooting today!

The worlds of my two favorite shows are colliding!

Girls Your Enthusiasm- The Most Show About Nothing


Sorta. This is such a half idea, but has legs, and so I’m sure it’s been written about… cleverly… 800 times… on tumblr… yesterday.

In fact in between when I first started drafting this and today, two weeks maybe, I’ve come across no less than three similar perspectives without…

Jake Jabbour is a writer.



Leno’s Last Day

After nearly 22 years, Jay Leno says goodbye to The Tonight Show. But he’s determined to go out on his terms.

Very thankful to have shot this video for Jay the other night - A LIVING LEGEND SAYS GOODBYE TO LATE NIGHT.

Johnny Meeks at Leno. Great.